About Me

Hello, my name is Nicole. Welcome to my Travelogue!

Once Upon A Travelogue is where I will share my experiences and my thoughts! My focus is on travel and food, but I may veer off the track sometimes just for fun. After all, that’s what life is all about isn’t it?

I currently live in Singapore, and tend to jet off as frequently as possible. I believe that the wanderlust that is engraved into my soul keeps me going, and more importantly, keeps me learning. Each time I travel, I see a myriad of cultures, food, and breathtaking sceneries that I want to share.  The world is just too big to sit still and not do anything!


How old are you?

This question makes me feel old. I’m turning 24 in November 2013. And I have given up updating this question.

What did you study?

Wildlife Biology and their conservation. Yes, its pretty freaking awesome. We had a shark in class once. Although it was a baby one. Still counts! And also, we had a baby sperm whale. Cool eh? This also happens to mean I love animals! (duh..)

Why are so many pictures credited to clintx.smugmug.com / @clintx (instagram)?

Because he is my bf, travel partner (on many trips) and photographer. Plus, my photography skills kinda suck.

Why are you saying this about a particular place/restaurant/etc.? I disagree with you.

We may have different tastes/experiences. This is a site where I share MY experiences and my thoughts. Start your own if you want to share yours. And in all honesty, if you disagree, just don’t read my blog.