Stars in suburbia

My absence for so long is probably inexcusable. Many things have been happening. For starters, I’m now back in Singapore. Missing the world out there because I’ve been grounded for 3 months. Three whole months. Seems like an eternity.

I find myself missing Aussieland sometimes. The place I thought I’d be quite happy to leave since I’ve been there for over 2 years.

Memories bring me back to this Spring night in Albany, when we looked up into the sky and saw something we thought was impossible due to light pollution. I guess light pollution is not as great an issue in Albany, Western Australia.


My first glimpse of the Milky Way!


The Milky Way in Albany

Although its not as spectacular as in other places, we felt pretty happy seeing it for the first time. Can you imagine how this would look without all the light pollution? I miss the stars in Australia, and hopefully one day I’ll find myself somewhere else looking at an even more magnificent Milky Way!


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