The Tuck Shop Cafe, Northbridge

I’ve walked past Tuck Shop Cafe a number of times, and was always put off by the queue. But one day, Louisa and I decided to brave the queue and find out what exactly was going on. Turns out, it’s one of the better food decisions we have made! So much so that I brought the bf there for a second time.

On my very first Tuck Shop experience: We put our name down for a table, and were told it would be ready in about 15mins. So we crossed the road to just kill time at the Korean supermarket. We got back just in time to be seated, true enough, in 15mins.

The menu was a simple one pager, with the date printed on it. Most items on the menu were below $20 and the pies were just $12.50. I heard the pies were immensely popular but I decided to just select a main. After a bit of deliberation, we decided on these two gems:

photo 1

A huge portion of Nicoise Salad.

Louisa loved the Nicoise salad loads! I’m not a tuna fan but it really wasn’t too bad. I loved the meatballs though! The egg was done perfectly, with the yolk oh-so-runny. The portions were huge, and I had alot of trouble finishing the meatballs, even with Louisa’s help. I loved the combination of the tomato and hummus sauces. This is a MUST TRY!!

photo 3

Morrocan Meatballs on Flatbread, with a seasoned poached egg

On my second visit, I decided to try something else. We went for mains as usual, although I really got to try the pies one day. Maybe I’ll do that once I’ve finished tasting all the mains.

photo 4

Veal and mushrooms, with goat cheese, spinach and egg on bread

Not a cheese fan but OMFG. The goat cheese is fanfuckingtastic. The concept didn’t vary much from the meatballs but the flavours were totally different. For people who like beef and mushrooms, this is a pretty safe choice.


photo 5

Pork belly, chorizo and potatoes

I must say I really love these two dishes. There was more pork belly on the dish than anything else, but of course I was busy stealing someone’s potatoes and chorizo too. I liked that they also used paprika on their potatoes and spanish onions.

The verdict: This place gives excellent value for your money. What impresses me about the place is the ability to manage crowds really well, something not many places in Perth can do. It was noisy inside but not unbearable. I still hope that one day I wouldn’t have to queue but I doubt that will ever happen. Did I mention that my coffee snob bf loves the latte as well?

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  1. Haha! Throughout the entire time I was reading through (and drooling all over the photos! the veal looks awesome!), Blake was pretending to grab the food off the screen and “eating” them! Came to the end of the post and he went, “No more…”

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