The Rays of Hamelin Bay

I’ve always wanted to see the Rays of Hamelin Bay but have never been able to. Timing. That was the issue. Down south, I usually go to beaches to admire their breathtaking sunsets and as you can imagine that’s not when the stingrays are present.

One day, we decided to take one last shot at seeing those incredible rays. Right before our lunch at Vasse Felix. When I wore a dress. We saw the rays swimming close to shore but not quite coming in, until this kind lady threw the fish remains in to lure them for us. Aussie hospitality.

Hamelin Bay is a sanctuary for sting rays, and these rays are supposedly friendly because they come near to shore when the fishing boats get back in, so they can feed. Careful of the barb though.

There were about 3 of these Smooth Rays but this one came the closest. Yeah I know, it sucked not to be able to take a pic with the ray, but who do you think took this pic? ; )

rays copy

An up-close encounter with a wild Smooth Ray

Hamelin Bay is south of Margaret River, nearer to Augusta lighthouse. Stop by in the morning or noon for a chance to see these rays. They’ll be around whenever fishermen are.

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