Finally, I’m in my hotel room in Vegas, ready to go to bed soon. I absolutely cannot wait to sleep but I just have to blog about today.

It was a 4 hour drive which was mostly boring, except for eating In-N-Out, a must try when you are visiting California! I heard they have expanded out of the state though so go google if you are around the States.

This In-N-Out was at Hesperia, CA. Apparently its supposed to be a good stop because you don’t have to deal with queues but holy shit. There were tons of people. My brother, however, confirmed that this is indeed “not so crowded”.

in n out menu

The In-N-Out Menu

Double double

The Double-double

in n out fries

Cheese fries and regular fries, made out of potato!

In-N-Out fries are never frozen and you will see and taste the difference. It really is something new. Plus, it’s so cheap! Even my mother who doesn’t fancy Western food raved about the burger because she liked how fresh the veggies are. lol.

And just in case you would like to see how a desert drive from California to Nevada looks like, here you go. Actually forget it, the drive was pretty boring and I can’t find any good pics.  But I saw some animals! Like a whole pack of them but my retarded camera couldn’t capture them. I’m not even sure if they were dingoes or whatever.

After 4 hours, I finally caught a glimpse of the Strip but we were passing Vegas to go to the Premium Outlets (North). The stuff wasn’t bad and I grabbed some jeans, earrings and a blouse but that was it.

The Strip

The Vegas Strip

Thank fuck it was only about a 10min drive away from The Strip because I was ready to KO. BUT NOOOO, Caesar’s Palace wouldn’t allow it.

Firstly, the hotel being so huge, was so fucking confusing to drive in. Then when we reached the hotel valet area, the guy told us to head to another fucking valet because they were full and we weren’t premium members. Fine! After 10mins of driving to the other side, the lady there told us we had to return to where the fuck we came from for them to help us with luggage. W T F.

We pointed out that we were sent from there and something awesome happened. She told us to park our car at one side, and told the valet guys to come down to take the luggage from our car right there and then! I love American service standards. Or maybe its just her. All i know is that I would be fucking pissed if she were to send me back where i came from.

We took some of our shopping bags off the car to ease the process of transferring luggage, but fuck, we had to carry all that shit from the stupid valet to the hotel registration area, which seemed liked a mile long to me. On the way, we passed through the casino.

I told my sis, “this is exactly how i imagined Vegas to be, just without me carrying all this shit.” Honestly.

A very annoyed Me joined my family at the check-in counter and then proceeded to the Bell Desk to hand our luggage ticket over. The bell boy took one look at our ticket and said, “Oh sorry, we don’t take these anymore.”


Just as I was about to unleash my wrath on this guy behind the desk, he saved himself with two words that doused my anger. “Just joking!”

Two. bloody. seconds. late. and I would’ve been prepared to scream. What is it with American humour now? Wrong time for a joke dude.

And oh my camera batt has died. So more pics tomorrow. Annoying camera.


OK so hi, this is two days later not tomorrow. Why is it in the same post then, you may ask? Cos the bloody WiFi is impossible and apparently I exceeded the 500mb of 4G speed so they downgraded me to 2G. Ya i expected a downgrade to 3G but not 2G! 2G is so shit that autocorrect doesn’t even correct it from “2g” to “2G”!

I’ve been spending the last two days shopping, eating and doing lame stuff in casinos (read slot machines).

And we made the visit to Sin City abit more “magical” by going to the David Copperfield show. (PS: his accent reminds me of Phil Dunphy from Modern Family! Not to mention, Phil’s into Magic!)

After watching Now You See Me, I spent most of the show wondering how the fuck he did all those stuff rather than just enjoying the magic. But it was still pretty fun. I haven’t actually been to a magic show before but it certainly isn’t like those on TV where they just keep their mouths shut most of the time and perform magic. He talks! Alot. And, he’s pretty funny.


This is one of the souvenirs I had sent to my email from Copperfield. If you zoom in you can actually read what went on in this ‘gone to the future’ trick.

For dinner, we went to Gordon Ramsay’s Bar & Grill.

IMG_8076 copy

Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill at Caesar’s Palace

corn soup

Corn Soup with Peekytoe Crab Meat

This soup was delicious but a tad too sweet. But would I order it again? Hell yea!


1/2 Dozen Oysters

For sides, we ordered mushrooms and also well-done French Fries, or Chips as the English call it. The chips were sadly a letdown as they turned out soggy. I just had to say this because if not I’ll look at the picture I took and think it was awesome. Hah. All of their sides sounded really good though and I would want to try the smashed fingerling potatoes the next time. Mmmm.


Sauteed Summer Mushrooms with Poached Farm Egg

french fries

English Chips

Ok right now I need to apologize in advance for the poor picture quality of the main dishes. This was because the food took over an hour and everybody was starving. And the last thing you do to starving family is to take pictures of their food. God forbid. Anyone who does that should be shot. So, I only had one shot at each dish the second it was set down on the table. I’m getting hungry now just writing this.


Roasted Jidori Chicken Breast


Roasted Brook Trout

mixed grill

Fillet Mixed Grill


Big Rib Eye Chop

Just so you know, the last dish was a monster. It was 30oz of cow on that plate! They only serve it Med Rare (good choice) and it was oh so fantastic.


Night came and we took a walk along the Strip.

BTW have I mentioned how freaking hot it is in Vegas now? It reminds me soooo much of Perth (just that its a bigger, livelier city). The moment, and i mean that in a unit of time, you step out of any air-conditioned place, a warm breeze envelopes your whole being and you feel like a pig in an oven. Being roasted. Alive. No shit.

My resolution was to stay in aircon as much as possible.

Okok, back to the walk. We went to the Bellagio to see the fountains. It was a bloody huge one, and I found out later that the whole lake was 8 acres.

view of fountain

Our vantage point

The Fountains of Bellagio paired with the Gods to put on a great show for us. We found a cozy spot just before the dancing waters came to life against the Vegas sky. As the dance began, lightning streaked across the night cityscape, producing a beautiful symphony. This musical was nothing short of awesome. As the waters burst to its’ fullest heights, thunder boomed in the whole city and a great gust of wind created a fine vapour from the fountains that moved slowly toward us.

Everyone could see the mist that got closer, and closer. Finally we felt atomized drops of water on our skin, before we felt bigger drops. And then, suddenly, a torrent of water threatened to drench everybody who didn’t duck in time. LOL. Thankfully we took cover, and my gadgets are safe. Anddd that’s also why I don’t have pics of the fountain dance.

Ok, Grand Canyon tomorrow and we’re going on a helicopter. WEEEE! Never been on one before. Excited!


It’s no secret I’m lazy, which is why this whole thing is in one bloody post. Too bad. hahaha. I actually enjoyed San Francisco so much that even when I had Wifi I couldnt be half assed to blog.

We took over an hour on a bus to get to Boulder Airport where we would get on our helicopter to see the Grand Canyon. It was pretty well organized I must say and we paid extra for front seats so that we could see the view better. The $50/pax more was honestly worth it because if you were to be stuck behind, in the middle, you see jackshit. And I did not fly halfway round the freakin world to look at shit.


Waiting for our flight in overcast weather


Hoover Dam in the distance


The Colorado River

1 copy

Just random views of the West Rim (because I’m running out of caption ideas and being lazy)


Finally blue skies!


Our awesome pilot/tour guide! Honestly I think the heli seems abit too small for him.


Part of the Colorado River (if my memory serves me right)


Some scenic piece of sparse land


One last look..


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