My LA shopping haul

Ok i took a bath and decided to continue blogging because I may be too busy in Vegas tomorrow to blog.

I shall start by raving about how awesome shopping is here!! Look at my haul! I LOVE USA!


A Sephora VIP member in one purchase

Yes its a feat coming from one who does not wear make up most of the time. But I have to credit my sister and my best friend Dixie for that. Because all of us bought.. the Clarisonic! And it wasn’t because it was cheap, just that they had the Boscia products along in the set. And of course I like that Boscia doesn’t test on animals. Ohhh also, the Tarte eyeliner I bought (as above) is pretty easy to apply for a noob like me. Also no animal testing!


The Clarisonic Trio!


Suddenly, stripes are kinda my thing.


And SuperDry is unbelievably cheap. OMG. I obviously went crazy.


My birthday present from my Sister!

Oh yes most of them are unboxed cos I’m really too tired and lazy to deal with them now. Can you believe this isn’t even the shopping leg of the trip? Probably heading to outlets tomorrow in Vegas!

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