I’m Loving the City of Angels

Hello from LA!

Yes i know i was supposed to blog about Langkawi but I got busy. And now I’m in LA!

Today is already the forth day here and so far I’ve been to Disneyland, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive. Impressions? LA reminds me of Aussie but a way awesomer, cheaper version. Oh and shops close later. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!

Okay okay fine, now a recap.

Day 1, LAX is a terrible airport. Too crowded, and they absolutely do not know how to run an airport. Immigration took too long to get through so everybody (on many flights) had to navigate the luggage carousels with several bags on the floor from earlier flights. Then we queued one hour to exit. OMG! They need lessons from Changi. Then we finally went to grab our rental car from Hertz and queued like mad too.


Our Dodge Grand Caravan for the awesome journey ahead!

Eh, ya I know, apparently its normal to not have car license plates in the front of the car. Most cars have them on the back only.

Our first meal was dinner in Johnny Rockets! At first glance, it really seemed like Billy Bombers in Singapore. I wonder if any was a copycat?

Johnny Rockets Menu

Do you see what I see? Unlimited fries!

JR Route 66

This is what I ordered, the Route 66.


This is the burger featured in the menu above,


Steak sandwich, something Mom likes.

The food here was pretty yum, something fun to have on the first day in America. The only thing was that there were fries everywhere. FRENCH FRIES. OMG, free flow of fries. No wonder its so easy to gain weight here.

On Day 2, we decided to explore LA abit so we headed to Rodeo Drive. But! Not before having brekkie at the famous IHOP! Yay pancakes.


Looks normal right? But the food is awesome!


The Breakfast Sampler. A MUST GET!


And of course, pancakes! SO FLUFFY AND YUMMYYYYYYYYY!


Spinach and Mushrooms Omelette

It was gobbled up before I managed to grab the picture. That how good it was. We also ordered Chicken and Waffles but I don’t know why I cannot find the picture of it. Overall, a must go to place in USA.

We also went to grab a picture of the Hollywood Sign. LOL! It was a steep drive up but at least we weren’t walking!


The world-famous sign! Abit unimpressive actually.

Rodeo Drive is the LA shopping street, with all the famous brands and all. I like the place. It was clean and bright. We also saw alot of people making a big deal out of the Bugatti Veyron that was parked on the street so I snapped a pic.


A flashy car suits a flashy street.


The start of Rodeo Drive! 

And oh, we got hungry after walking around for abit, so we went to The Cheesecake Factory! Initially, I thought it was all cheesecakes and was skeptical but my siblings told me they had nice food too.


Garlic Noodles, the best dish on the table. And oh, I chose it.


Some Da Vinci pasta thing, abit too sweet though but still nice.


The Everything Pizza. Love the name, loved the pizza.


Tortilla soup

Oh yes, this is the first time I tried Tortilla soup, and the last too. Its too weird and beany for my liking. LOL.


Viet spring rolls for my grandmother. 

Portions here were GINORMOUS. Like seriously. We shared these few dishes and were too stuffed for any cheesecakes. haha.

OK i’m getting really sleepy. I’ll blog about the rest of the trip tomorrow at Vegas.

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