Timetravel Tuesday: My yummy post exam reward

3rd June 2013

My exams have been stressing me out abit I guess, and it didn’t help that I woke up late for the paper. Thankfully the lights were on my side, and the green wave brought me to school in 7 minutes. Nope, I didn’t speed.

After my exam, we headed to Bintang Cafe in Victoria Park to munch. I’ve always wanted to try out Bintang Cafe but never ever ever managed to because the restaurant is always packed! Doen’t help that the restaurant has probably less than 10 tables. So this time, Lady Luck was on our side and there was ONE table empty! Muahahahha!

It was a public holiday too so I was pretty glad that this place doesn’t charge surcharges as some other places do in WA! Wth right, yeah I didn’t know till recently as well.



Bintang Cafe’s Mee Ayam

The bf ordered Mee Ayam with Bakso (Chicken Noodles with Beef Balls). This was pretty yum, and i LOVED the bakso. I’ll probably return for this next time. The noodles tasted like mushroom noodles but were abit bland in my opinion. After the bf ate some of my beef rendang, he said that that was the reason why the noodle tasted bland to me – because of the beef rendang’s sweetness! Gah. This was a generous portion for noodles, and I like it.


Bakso (Beef Meatballs) in Soup

I ordered something called Nasi Ayam Komplit (Complete) or something like that. Was so hungry so I didn’t exactly remember.

The beef rendang was so good, and the chicken too. Compared to Batavia, this was awesome! However there wasn’t any chilli. At least I think there wasn’t. The sauce near the egg tasted tomatoey and was definitely not spicy at all. The egg was pretty yummy though, it was fried and hence had that layer over it. I didn’t eat the ikan bilis but the keropok was the usual crappy ones that restaurants here serve.┬áTruth be told, the rice was quite shit. I wouldn’t order this dish again. The rice was probably 50% of the entire dish, and mushy, cold rice wasn’t something I was in the mood for. There weren’t any pics because I was too hungry as usual. Muahahaha.



Happy Soda!

It makes you happy without LSD! hahaha. And yes it tastes pretty authentic but sweet as fuck. Do not order if you hate sweet stuff.

After the meal, and filling our tummies, we headed over to my favourite dessert place – The Imp! Yes I know they serve lunch but some reviews on Urbanspoon were not positive at all so I didn’t want to risk it because i was SO hungry.


The Imp’s Chocolate Fudge Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream

One annoyance I have with desserts and ice cream is that one scoop of ice cream usually isn’t enough to eat with the entire dessert. So imagine how happy I was because the imp serves 2 scoops by default! But… their cake was so HUGE that even 2 scoops of ice cream didn’t suffice. HAHA! And no, I had to share this with the bf, it really is quite filling.

SOOO happy and grateful for this day.

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