Warm soups for a cold day

The past few days, Perth cooled down drastically. One night it was 3 degrees! That’s crazy cold for the start of winter, so its no surprise I needed to get warm.

What better way to do it, than at my favourite Viet restaurant in all of WA – Phong Vinh? Since I discovered this place, I never went anywhere else to eat viet food, not even in Singapore if I could help it. This place has the best Viet food I’ve ever tasted other than those I ate in Ho Chi Minh City in 2011.

The restaurant is rather large, and situated on William Street in Northbridge. Pretty accessible I’d think.


Raw Beef Pho @ Phong Vinh

I ordered the Raw Beef Pho, my staple! The reason why I love the Pho here so much is because of the soup! However, sadly they screwed it up twice for me. The very first time, they mixed raw beef with cooked tough-as-tyres beef. That pissed me off but the soup was the reason I gave them another shot. The second time was after my joyflight, the noodles were overcooked. That’s my pet peeve, but I didn’t send it back because I was so ill at that point I didn’t give a shit. Anyway, this one was awesome.


Braised Beef Noodle Soup – something new for us

This time, the bf wanted something warm too so he went with Braised Beef Noodle Soup. It was abit like the usual Beef Stew Noodles we order but not the same. I initially didn’t like the soup, but the more I drank it, the more that mild sweetness grew on me.

He had his iced Vietnamese coffee as usual. This one, I like because it’s usually so bloody sweet. mmmmm. I’m surprised he likes it though. Here, they weirdly don’t serve it up the traditional way but serve it all ready in a glass.


Pork Spring Rolls and Stuffed Chicken Wings

And how could I forget, the pork spring rolls! I hate the skin though, it’s not the authentic Viet one but the filling is ohmnomnomnomnom too yummy. Also, my favourite – Stuffed Chicken Wings! This boneless dish may seem pretty expensive for $8 for 2 but I suppose if you consider one bloody chicken wing in Perth costs $2-2.50 it seems rather worth it because they have to debone and stuff it. I try to not skip this dish everytime I’m here.

I wanted to head over to Superstar waffles but was too full. $10.50 for a HUGEEEEEE bowl of Pho is really worth the money. No harm trying it out if you are craving Viet food in Perth.

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