Bak Kut Teh in Perth

Alwin’s parents opened a Bak Kut Teh restaurant few months back and I’ve always wanted to visit. One day, we got the twins together and went with them.


The interior of Cai Jin Shui Bak Kut Teh House

Five of us (including the twins) met at the restaurant for what I thought would be a delicious bak kut teh meal… but I have never been so wrong. The meal was fantastic, but I ate so much more than Bak Kut Teh. Honestly, I was SOOOO full. And as usual, I was too busy eating, so I got Alwin to send me the pictures. (I’ve now added some pics from my second visit)


Bak Kut Teh Combination

The word “combination” is used very loosely in Asian restaurants all over WA to my annoyance. In this case, combination means that pork stomach is added. I’m not a fan of that but the Bak Kut Teh soup was good and tasty. This is Malaysian (herbal) BKT we’re talking about, not the Singaporean peppery version. I also LOVE the mushrooms (xiang gu) that were extremely soft, and not chewy. Chewy mushrooms annoy me. The meat was not superior pork ribs like you get in some joints in Singapore, but it sure beats the version in Yen Yen Kitchen (Southlands) where it was mostly bones. There was 6 pieces of meat (with bones) and maybe 5 normal slices of pork belly. I asked them to omit the pork stomach. Note that this is the Combination size, which costs more and is bigger than the normal portion. I would love it more if it were thicker (more gao) like the Klang Bak Kut Teh I had with Christina at Beach road though.


The You Tiao (dough fritters) was also fried fantastically and was crispy! I hate soft BKT you tiao.


Fried NZ Flounder Fish in Home-made Sauce

This fish was really fresh and fried well. Alot of places I feel, use frozen fish and that is apparent in the taste. With this fish you can taste the freshness along with the Thai dressing. The twins said there was another coconut sauce thing which  I may try next time. I also heard his mom chose the biggest fish for us, lol.


Pig Trotters in Vinegar

I always hated pig trotters in vinegar since the first time I tried it. But Alwin was like “10 out of 10 people love this” and I said “well, better make sure I don’t break that record”. Avison assured me that it wasn’t as sour as the traditional version though, and he was right. It had sweet and sour notes to it but it was really quite delicious. The first of its kind to go down well with me, but if you are looking for a very sour version, this isn’t it.


Hakka Yung Tau Foo

This tofu is made by the twins’ mother herself, the lady boss! I love the gravy, and ate lots of that with the rice. The tofu with minced pork was great too, I only wish there was more mince pork, lol. As you can see, the sizes are pretty inconsistent. I took that as a good thing and ate the two smaller pieces HAHA.

Other things I ate were:

Lady’s finger with Sambal – I really hate lady’s finger so this is so not my thing. I was hoping they could cook sweet potato leaves or kang kong with the sambal :( but they said its really hard to find those vegetables here in WA.

House Specialty Noodles – This dish is supposed to be a specialty and is unique to Malaysian cuisine. I found it soso but the BF loved it. It tastes abit like Singaporean ee-mee and I think it was better when you ate the noodles with char siew, and not just noodles alone. In addition, we had free flow rice. I ate two bowls. BURSTING like mad after that.

Drinks I had:

Barley – They added green bean into the beverage, so if you like green bean you’re gonna love it! Myself, not so much. I ordered a coke in the end.

Luo Han Guo – the BF lovessss this like mad though. He drinks it everytime he goes.

Final Notes: We paid $20/pax each after a discount (UP. approx $25/pax). I know some people have said this place may be overpriced but I would defo go again with the boys. We ate like pigs for that $20.. lol. My Favs? The tofu, and the xiang gu in the BKT really stood out, but the whole meal was good. For more info, visit their Facebook page.

We went over to the twins’ house to chill after that, so this is a picture of the very friendly resident dog, Tiger. I know, there are matts behind his ears but we trimmed all those off after the pics were taken.


Hi! My name is Tiger Liew.


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