Superstar Waffles @ Northbridge

Last night, after the usual awesome dinner at Aisuru, we tried this new place called Superstar Waffles. It was in a quaint little lane along Northbridge and it had some of the best waffles I’ve ever eaten. Yes, better than Udders in Singapore or any others I tried for that matter.

OK the main reason we went for dessert is because our Aisuru dinner wasn’t filling (but what’s new)? Besides, what could be better than warm waffles with ice cream on a cool autumn day?


The counter from our seat

The interior of Superstar Waffles was warm, cozy and really simple. They serve good coffee, according to the bf who ordered a cafe latte, and I saw T2 tea jars on the rack as well.


The interior

The place offers alfesco seating as well but we chose to sit inside, where we were warm. A little too warm for me actually.


The menu

The prices were really affordable IMO, and I heard most of their waffle selection’s pretty good.


My awesome waffle!

I caved and ordered the banoffee waffle, with two scoops of ice-cream. OMG, it was sooooooo good. The cream was light, toffee was perfect, not too much banana, and I loved the vanilla ice cream. Bf wasn’t too keen on the chocolate ice cream but it was fine for me. The waffle, of course, was awesome. I would’ve preferred abit more waffle though. I thought it’d have been bigger.


Waffle stick glazed with maple syrup

This, is a waffle stick. Kinda like a half sized waffle. I suppose its a new idea to make a half sized waffle like this.

Overall, I had a great time here. It’s a perfect place to hang out after dinner in Northbridge. IIRC, they close at 10pm, which is late by WA standards. Will definitely be back here again!

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