Time Travel Tuesday: A true Aussie Barbeque

Shane invited us over for a BBQ with his family about two weeks ago. In case you didn’t know, Aussies really love their BBQ so I was looking forward to a true blue Aussie barbeque, in addition to catching up with Shane and Rose. We came bearing gifts of booze and wine knowing that Shane has a new found love of the Rekorderlic cider we drank at Rotto.


Having a BBQ in late Autumn – awesome!

When we arrived, we found quite a few guests already there. We had drinks and enjoyed some snacks before the BBQ finally began! (I had to start the ball rolling by declaring my hunger, because nobody would.)


Salads made by Shane’s mother.



Crabstick salad, also by Shane’s mom!

The salads were pretty good according to the BF. I only tried the Broccoli salad, because everyone said it was so good. Its raw broccoli, definitely something different. I liked the pine nuts in there but I could only eat so much of that.


BBQing like a Boss!

I was really starving by this point, so I was super excited to get the BBQ going. HAHA.


Steaks on the grill

A true Aussie style BBQ means that there is no marinate or anything like that. Rump steaks, lamb forequarters and sausages were put straight onto the grill and cooked to your preferred doneness. After that, Shane sprinkled salt and pepper over the meats and voila! The meal is ready. I. ate. like. a. pig. I believe it was something like a steak and two portions of lamb on my own, plus a whole bottle of Rekorderlic cider.


Chooks in the house!

That means fresh eggs for Shane’s family! There were actually alot more chickens but they ran away before I could snap a pic : ( They have an awesome herb garden and lots of fruit trees and stuff too. I forgot to grab pictures of those lol.


A flower from Shane’s garden. I actually took this pic with my iPhone!

Had a wonderful day hanging out with the most hospitable people I ever knew! Shane’s entire family, including his mother, dad, nana, and of course his lovely wife Rose were so welcoming.

PS: After that, I felt hungry when reaching home (and this is reasonable okay, because the BBQ was really the only thing I ate the whole day). Clint cooked a pork beehoon soup for me with his homemade pork stock, and drizzled garlic oil over. I feel so blessed. I MUST remember this moment if I ever get angry with him in future. As usual, no pics because I was too hungry. I’m actually not interested in pictures if it weren’t for remembering the good food I had.

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