Why I love Apple’s Genius Bar (and dislike eServ)

I use a Macbook Pro, an iPad and an iPhone, so I have had incidences which requires the use of an Apple warranty before.

The first time (2012):

My Macbook Pro’s screen had annoying blue lines all over it. Thing is the blue lines were intermittent. I took a picture but lost it. It was like this one here though.

What I did:

1. Sent it to eServ in Singapore.

Waited nearly one whole fucking hour to be served, after being in the queue. The guys couldn’t find a problem and returned it to me after 2 days. I told them it was an issue with the screen. But nope, there wasn’t a problem according to them.

2. So I sent it back to fucking eServ afuckingain!

This time, they saw the problem because the blue lines flashed in front of our faces. They replaced the logic board. When I went home, and started up the Macbook, voila! Fucking blue lines!!!!!! So how many times does it take to piss me off?

3. Called Apple to complain about how shitty eServ is and how my Macbook Pro is still fucked!

Apple was pretty good, because I was an AppleCare customer. The girl took my feedback and asked me questions about eServ’s service, and I answered them. After which, I explained to her that I needed immediate service because I was returning to Perth. She then advised me to bring my Macbook Pro to the Apple store in Perth instead, because they had a Genius Bar by Apple, rather than retarded service centres that can’t do jackshit for me.

4. Brought it to Apple’s Genius Bar.

Made the required appointment in advance. Arrived on time, waited for 10minutes to be served. Thankfully, those fucking blue lines appeared again right in front of the technician, and since the logic board was replaced already, she determined it was the screen’s issue and would replace the screen. Unfortunately, they were out of stock because I had the Hi-Res screen, not the usual one. Left the Macbook Pro with them for 2 days. On the 2nd day, I received a call saying the screen has been changed, and they did not see the intermittent blue lines. IF, however, it still appeared, the issue may be the third party ram because I had a friend change my RAM from 4GB to 8GB. But everything was rosy daisy after that. It WAS the screen but YAY for the Genius Bar!


My iPad has been having shitty wifi signals for way too long. When I can connect to WiFi with my Macbook and my iPhone, the bloody iPad can still not detect a single wireless network! WTF! The bf decided I should bring my iPad to the Genius Bar. And yes thankfully I did!

What I did:

Made an appointment, walked in on time, got served in 5 mins. The technician was really friendly. After he determined it was not isolated to a particular wireless network, he connected my iPad to the Apple Store’s wifi. It was 3 bars, and then dropped to 2, which he explained was unusual because the Apple Store’s wifi is not on any Australian network and that it is really really strong (which explains so many people standing outside the store for free wifi). He brought my iPad for a software check and that turned out clean too so it must be a hardware issue. Andddddddd, they gave me a brand new (read: NOT REFURBISHED) iPad, exact same model! It was all done in 15 minutes, so fuss-free!

The Apple store is one of the reasons why I love living in Perth! And no, I have never experienced such fuss free service with other brands before. I had a Sony laptop, Toshiba, etc. And none of them actually have a Genius Bar ; )

new ipad

My new iPad in its new casing! Still setting it up, hence the ugly wallpaper.

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