One helluva day – Rottnest Island!

I had an epic trip to Rotto yesterday.

Firstly, we missed our 10am ferry to Rottnest Island. Yes, we missed the fucking ferry. This is the first time in my entire life i MISSED A FUCKING FERRY!!!! And the reason is even better – 2 lanes on on the road were closed for road works, the other 2 lanes were blocked by an oversized vehicle travelling at snail pace for several kilometres. Our journey became an unexpected 25mins longer, and we pulled into the carpark just in time to see the ferry leave, with our friends on board. Thankfully, awesome friends had the tickets changed for us so we just had to grab our new tickets (at no extra charge) and head over to the B-shed ferry terminal to catch the next ferry at 11.30am. Our $12 parking voucher was burnt though, no chance of getting that back but at least we didn’t pay extra for our ferry tickets!

The ferry was unexpectedly a little dirty honestly. We reached Rotto at 12 noon and by that time the sun was blazing hot. We collected our rental bikes and headed over to reunite with Shane & family and grab subway. I’ve never made a sandwich in my life but I think I’d still be faster at making subs than the people there. Guess they’re just used to the relaxed life.


Getting ready to ride and this quokka just came over!

After eating half of a foot-long sub each, we did a little exploring. And I really mean a little.


Kayelee and I at one of the beaches we rode to.


Look at how big the pelicans are!

This pelican got pissed when I went too near and wanted to snap at me. LOL! Thankfully I dodged, and made sure not to infringe its personal space after that. We cycled around abit, but there were some slopes which were steep as shit and we (mainly me) gave up after awhile and decided to head back. HAHAHA! I honestly need to get fitter. Not to mention, the water is so damn clear but NOBODY BROUGHT SWIMSUITS BECAUSE EVERYONE THOUGHT IT WOULD BE COLD!! URGH!!!!!!


Clear waters in Rotto

Finally, paradise appeared in the form of the Rottnest Hotel Lodge, where I bought a coke and the bf ordered a Rekordelig cider. Yay! No pics, and I didn’t care cause I was really too damn thirsty.

quokka in cafe

And of course, this little critter just hopped over my feet.

Quokkas can be seen all around the island, lots and lots of them! I really really love it that Aussies are much more welcoming and tolerant towards wildlife and animals in general. We also saw a peacock walking around the cafe! Too bad I didn’t manage to get a pic. : (

At about 1615, we headed back to the jetty (which was only a few hundred metres away) and saw that they were loading the last of the bikes so I hurried the fuck up to get there. NO WAY I was gonna miss another ferry. By the time we boarded, there were only individual seats so everyone had to seat separately. Thankfully, the boy and I found two seats near to each other, although separated. Bleh, I guess the benefits of arriving early was that you could choose seats! We did that when heading to Rotto.

Oh yes, and also, the bf dropped his camera and the filter cracked. Thank god its only the filter though, but we managed to buy a new one and the guys at Camera Electronic actually cut off the filter, which was stuck onto the lens, for free! All in all, although we had 50% off ferry tickets and bike rentals, this was a more expensive trip than we anticipated! But Rotto is still a pretty island with lots of fun : ) Maybe I could go again one day and snorkel. Whoop whoop!

All pics this round were taken by the lovely bf.

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