Swimming with Wild Dolphins, Western Australia

Two of my best friends plus the bf came over to Perth for a holiday, so we went swimming with wild dolphins with Rockingham Wild Encounters! We managed to buy a groupon which cost us less than AUD$100/pax (UP $205/pax) so everyone was really excited about it. This was my second time, but it was an equally amazing experience each time.



Wild dolphins frolicking in the Indian Ocean

The dolphins are totally wild, not fed or touched during the swim! This was freaking awesome because you can really see how happy the dolphins are in the wild. The actual search took pretty long, over an hour, but after we found the dolphins, it was non stop! We spotted several groups but didn’t get into the water until we met the more sociable groups of dolphins.

Did you guys hear the dolphins in the water? I’d honestly encourage everybody to try this at least once, best part, the wetsuits we wore are buoyant, so even non-swimmers can go for it. Totally worth every cent! These guys provide all the gear and instructions you need, and you don’t actually swim because you just hold on to the belt of the person in front and float while the crew brings you around. SO¬† happy this time my snorkel didn’t fuck up, and I paid extra attention to getting it on right.

And if you thought that was all, nope it wasn’t. After that, the crew made waves by the boat and look what happened:


  1. The second video is mad awesome! OMG! Gorgeous!!!!!

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