Savour 2013, Singapore

My brother and I decided to take a food trip round Singapore, so we decided to pop by Savour on Saturday.

We reached the F1 Pit Building, where Savour was held, fairly quickly but parking was horrendous as usual at Singapore Flyer (which is the nearest carpark). We probably waited about a little over 20mins as the carpark was full. At one point of time I contemplated leaving, but my bro said ‘hey, since we’re here’.

Honestly, we thought long and hard before heading down because the weather was hot-as-hell °C, but heck, what are the chances we both would be in Singapore for this event?


Singapore Flyer against the awesome sky!

The first thing I did once I was there was to get an iced Latte Macchiato from the Nespresso booth! Apart from it being so inhumanely hot the entire day, I wanted to stay up to complete my essay. We also met up with my sis, Merli!

Merli and i

Merli and I at the Nespresso booth

Savour and Flyer

Another pic with the Singapore Flyer in the background!

First stop, Stellar. We got the Kobe C Rib of Beef with Foie Gras sauce. The beef was really tender and tasty, but I didn’t realise about the Foie Gras sauce until later. I wouldn’t order this again just because I don’t take Foie Gras as a matter of choice.


Risone with red wine braised octopus and bone marrow by Gattopardo

It started to rain, and then it started to pour. We sought shelter under one of those tables with umbrellas until the rain let up abit. Then we went to buy some more food and went into the Nespresso lounge where there was shelter and aircon! This time, I had a Roma Cafe Latte. Both Nespressos I had were free. Didn’t really surprise me because they have coffee tasting at ION Orchard as well, where you can just pop in for a cup of coffee.


Le Sensation by Joel Robuchon – I’ve wanted to try L’atelier for the longest time, and I guess this is the closest I’d get for now.

Quinoa risotto

Red Quinoa Risotto, Fried Jerusalem Artichoke skin and Parsley Sponge, and Hibiscus Soup by Mirazur


Truffle Kampachi by Mikuni – Considering I hate raw fish and I actually took a second helping. It was that good!


Pork Belly, Mushroom Duxelle, Onsen Egg by Keystone – my friend told me to mix this up before I ate it. Only 3 words – O M G.

It was pretty dark so most pictures came out crappy. Other things we ate were:

Braised Baby Abalone with Chicken Glutinous Rice, by Forest – This actually tasted good, but honestly I wouldn’t pay that amount for Lor Mai Gai, and I don’t care for the abalone.

Cold Wagyu Lamian with Hot and Sour Broth by Forest – The beef was really fantastic. I can understand why the broth is cold, to preserve the texture and flavour of the beef!

Chilled Coconut Jello with Aloe Vera and Black Pearls, by Forest – Not a coconut fan, but this is good! And everybody I spoke to loved it.

Sakura Pork Belly Shio Gama Yaki by Mikuni – This was pretty good too, served on a salt stone thingy. My idiot of a brother actually went to taste the salt stone. LOL.

Because only tasting portions are served at Savour, you don’t really feel full but after the 10 or so dishes we went through, it was starting to take a toll. Would I come back again next year? Maybe, it was a great experience though, good food came relatively quickly with less than a ten minute wait for every dish. It wasn’t insanely crowded (I think the weather helped us out here). Also, people were friendly enough. None of that pretentious bullshit you can get at some restaurants. I missed out on the cooking classes, supermarkets and all that crap though, because the main objective was really to eat. Total damage on food alone? $150 savour dollars for the 2 of us.

Finally, a picture my sis took in the day!


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